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About Aligner

You have begun treatment with ClearTech Orto, and we want to be sure your treatment proceeds as smoothly and effectively as possible.  Following these instructions will help to ensure the success of your treatment.The aligners come in a container that hold one upper and one lower aligner.  The aligners are worn in sequence, and the number can be found on the back of the aligner container. Peel back the paper, and remove the aligners for the first set.  The upper arch has larger teeth, making it easy to tell them apart.  It is usually easiest to put the aligners in by seating them on your front teeth first, and then pressing them down over your back teeth.  The aligners will "snap" into place, and you shouldn't see any space between the aligners and your teeth if they are seated correctly.  To remove them, start in the back and pull them up with your fingernails.  They can then be pulled off of your front teeth. Instruments can also be used - Dr. Mullen has some plastic instruments if you have a lot of trouble getting them out.  Getting them out is usually more difficult than getting them in, but you will find it gets easier as your treatment progresses.  You will wear each set of aligners for 2 3 weeks.  Wear the first one for 2 3 weeks, then take it out, put it back into the original container, and move on to the 2nd aligner.  Wear that one for two weeks, then take them out and put the 2nd one back in the container.  Wear the 3rd for the same time period, and so on.   We keep the old aligners becuase now and then we will have a tooth that doesn't move like we need it to, and we will need to go back a few aligners.  If we don't have the old ones, we need to order them from invisalign, a lengthy and costly situation.  You should wear the aligners at all times, except when you are eating, drinking, or cleaning them.  It is OK to drink water with them in, but if you eat or drink anything other than that they should be removed.  This will reduce the chances of developing cavities.  When you do take them out, be sure to store them in one of the cases that we provide you.  The easiest way to lose them is to wrap them in a napkin and throw them out with the trash.  Replacing them costs $100 per aligner; keep good track of them!  When you take them out to eat it is best to brush your teeth and to clean the aligners before putting them back in.  Clean them by brushing them with a toothbrush under a faucet.  Do not use toothpaste to brush them, and do not boil them or soak them in any cleaning solution.  They are sensitive to heat and will absorb cleaning solutions.  Using the invisalign cleaning system is OK, but usually brushing them well is adequate.  Store them dry inside your case.If you do lose one, make sure you either put the one you just took out back in or go ahead to the next aligner and give us a call so we can bring you back in.  NEVER GO WITHOUT AN ALIGNER!  Always put one back in.  If they irritate your cheek or tongue, you can place some wax on them, or smooth them with a nail file.  Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or problems.  Wear them 22 hours a day!