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Q.1: Please explain the treatment process.
A: Simple process, visit to your dentist he will guide you, take impression, pics and fill treatment form then send to clearTech Ortho. Company will create virtual propose profile of teeth and send for approval as you and your dentist approve it, company will create sets of clear liners.

Q.2: How does it move my teeth?
A: Teeth will be moved in increments gradually as stages progress from zero to final. Generally each set of liners move teeth 0.3 mm in linear motion and 3-4 degree in rotation.
Q.3: With my case, about how long will my treatment last?
A: Length of treatment depends upon complexity of the case so every case has different time line. General time line is 4 - 12 month according to nature of case. Company will inform you about exact timeline when you approve virtual set up.
Q.4: why is clear liner so expensive when it is made out of plastic?
A: When you compare it with traditional metal braces clear liners are cost effective in contest of time saving, few ever visit, excellent oral hygiene but even though it is expensive because huge and very expensive technology involved behind.
Q.5: What restrictions will I have when it comes to eating?
A: Generally we recommend to remove during eating and drinking because it become stained, discolor and visible while wearing so it looks ugly
Q.6: Will wearing clear liners affect my speech?
A: Not really initially there is a little bit discomfort but after 1 or 2 stages no problem at all. Because it cover only teeth surfaces that does not affect voice even it is recommended for professionals who has to speak in their profession like lawyers,teachers and singers.
Q.7: What happens after clear liner treatment is done? Will I need to wear a retainer?
A: YES, after every kind of orthodontic treatment there is always retainers required.
Q.8: what type of plastic material is used to make the clear liners?
A: Medical grade PC sheet are use to manufacture.
Q.9: How long does it take to make Aliners?
A: Usually it take 10 working days but it depends upon set up approval by doctor and the patient.
Q.10: How often do I have to change my Aligners?
A: Usually you have to wear each set for 2 to 3 weeks then switch on next OR as directed by treating doctor.
Q.11: Will my treatment be painful?
A: Whenever switch to next set there is always pain or discomfort so sometime your provider will prescribe some pain medication.
Q.12: What happens if I forget to wear my liner? Will that mess up my treatment?
A: Yes, there is always relapse when you forget or intentionally remove.
Q.13: Why people should choose clear liners over regular braces?
A: Lots of reasons people choose clear liners therapy over traditional metal braces for instance clear, removable, hygienic, socially acceptable, few visits etc.
Q.14: Are clear line ortho meant for everyone?
A: Yes all cases that can be managed by traditional metal braces, can also be treated including crowding, spacing, underbite,overbite and cross-bite. All skeletal cases that can not be treated by traditional metal braces alone require surgical intervention also could not be managed by clear liners.
Q.15: What Does It Feel Like?
A: There is a little progressive pressure over the selected teeth that need movements.
Q.16: Will People Notice Them?
A: Usually not, it is barely visible, difficult to recognize if anyone wearing.
Q.17: Are the clear liners Attachments mandatory?
A: NO, some time it require to accomplish difficult movements. Some time provider / recipient don't want.
Q.18: What should I do after eating a meal?
A: You need to rinse and clean teeth before insertion of liners. Better to brush teeth.
Q.19: How do I take care of my Aligners?
A: It is recommended to clean liners under tap water every time before you wear. Brush them at least one time a day with or without tooth paste. Always cary in carrying case when remove.
Q.20: What are the similarities and differences between braces and Aligners?
A: Braces is a general term in broad sense that include all appliances or accessories that help in alignment of teeth. But Aligners are removable plastic trays that help in straightening teeth.
Q.21: Will I require attachments? Elastics? if so,where?re the steps in getting Aligners?
A: It is decided by company and provider if necessary then will discuss and locate tooth where to place. Steps to get liners are same as for traditional in case you require.
Q.22: Will my case require Inter-proximal Reduction (IPR)? If I refuse to have this procedure done, what will my results be?
A: depends upon the case some time require or some time not. Treatment can also be managed by flaring, expansion, destabilizing etc.
Q.23: What if a person lost clear liner? Will he has to pay for replacements?
A: Yes. But if it broke or anything happened in craftsmanship then free replacement.
Q.24: What are appropriate ages for individuals to have Aligners?
A: When all permanent teeth erupt and approached to their opponents in the opposing arch.
Q.25: Does Aligners fix a person's bite?
A: Yes.
Q.26: Can clear liners close gaps?
A: Yes. clear liner close all spaces between teeth including spaces created by extraction for treatment purpose.
Q.27: Can a patient who is currently wearing braces switch to Aligners?
A: Yes. Braces need to be removed by treating doctor then can start Aligners therapy.
Q.28: Will TMJ affect clear liners treatment?
A: It depend upon condition of TMJ.
Q.29: Are there certain dental conditions that automatically exclude someone from being an eligible patient?
A: NO, generally all dental condition are managed by clear liners except skeletal cases that are decided by provider.
Q.30: Can Aligners move crowns if patients has one or more?
A: Yes single crown can be moved but bridge can’t.
Q.31: What is the minimum age of a patient that a doctor can treat with Invisalign?
A: There is no specific age, ideal is when all permanent teeth erupt and contact to their antagonist.
Q.32: Is there any age limit to have Aligners.
A: There is no any age limit to have ligners.
Q.33: How often must the Aligners be worn?
A: At least 22 hours a day.
Q.34: Can I chew gum while wearing Aligners?
A: No, avoid eating, chewing and drinking while wearing. only plain water can be taken.
Q.35: What's the best way to clean Aligners?
A: With your regular brush and paste before going to bed.
Q.36: How old is the company of ClearTech Ortho?
A: Five year old.
Q.37: If a person have a bridge can they still get Aligners?
A: It depends upon case but bridge can’t be moved.
Q.38: What type of technology is used to make the Aligners?
A: Combination of software, hardware, digital accusation devices and mechatronic engineering.
Q.39: How can patients get started with Aligners?
A: Visit to nearest provider, he will take impression, photo, fill treatment form then send to clear line ortho.
Q.40: what are the benefits of Aligners?
A: 1- Barely visible while working in the mouth. 2- So clear that does not compromise your natural shining. 3- Easily removable on certain occasion and every day life. 4- Friendly in and comfortably out. 5- Gently and continuously moving teeth in small increments. 6- No gums disease even better oral hygiene. 7- Almost no chance for development caries. 8- No laceration/ ulceration on cheek, gums and tongue. 9- No need to put separator around molars in order to create spaces. 10- No chance of anchorage loss. 11- No need for etching/ conditioning of enamel. 12- No chance of enamel discoloration around brackets. 13- Minimum visit to treating doctor. 14- Better control on treatment and good results. 15- Faster and less time consuming. 16- Provision of proposed profile before starting treatment. 17- Complete three surfaces force that make treatment rapid. 18- Cover all five planes of teeth. 19- Easy to start for both dentist and patient. 20- No need for specialization in orthodontics. 21- Reduce chair side time so dentist can manage more patients. 22- Customize for every patient. 23- Design your smile by your own. 24- Celebrity smile design. 25- Make up for fluorosis during treatment. 26- Camouflage for missing anterior teeth. 27- Cheaper than traditional metal braces. 28- Every kind of dental conditions are treatable. 29- New and advanced technology. 30- Minimum exposure of X- rays. 31- No age limit you can have it anytime in life. 32- Distance treatment is possible for certain cases. 31- made from medical grade PC sheet. 32- Provision to modify treatment at any stage. 33- No need for intra or extra oral anchorage. 34- Movements in 5 planes are achieved. 35- Digital treatment planing. 36- Effective for periodontally compromise and mobile teeth. 37- No alteration in structure of tooth. 38- No chance of food packing and plaque accumulation. 39- Less chance of gums irritation. 40- No metal like pins, spring, screws and wire in mouth. 41- Minimum bone resorption. 42- No chance of cross infection. 43- Template for walking whitening. 44- No need of special brushes for cleaning and hygiene. 45- No halitosis/ Bad smell. 46- No need to put cement or resin on teeth surface. 47- digital data saving for unlimited time. 48- Precise calculation of treatment timings. 49- Graphical and clinical monitoring at every stage. 50- Unique identification code generation for every patient.