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We make your job easier. Our top priority is ensuring your patients’ health and your trust in us, so we make sure to always offer you nothing but the best in terms of expertise, quality, and service. Because technological innovation is at the heart of what we do, we are constantly looking for ways to improve on accepted methods, and we maintain an open dialog with clear moves practitioners. We go into the field to make sure that our services are satisfying you. In addition, we want you to be an asset to clear moves by helping us add value to the services and products we provide.

We feel very close to the orthodontists with whom we work and would like our product to be successful where it matters most: in your daily practice. That is why we see to it that clear moves practitioners benefit from customized support and training, thats why your satisfaction is so crucial to us. Our network of specialists brings together the combined expertise of orthodontists, dental practitioners, and support staff to fully manage all external processes while you concentrate on taking care of your patients. In short, we do all we can to lighten your daily load.

Clear Tech Ortho practitioners benefit from regularly scheduled training programs, expert consulting, and around the clock support. clear Clear Tech Ortho entails more than just the transfer of knowledge. We offer our practitioners hands-on training to show them how the product functions, and then provide nonstop support to optimize their continued use of it. Practitioners can attend re-certification courses and special meetings to consolidate their expertise. At Clear Tech Ortho, we are dedicated to giving all our customers the specific attention they need. That is why we insist on maintaining dialog – and why we pride ourselves on understanding you, the individual practitioner.

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‘A smile is a friend maker- Bagambiki Habyarimana’

How about getting a million-dollar smile with invisible braces?? A great smile and healthy teeth are most desired for an individual. People are all the time looking flawless teeth. Misaligned teeth make them feel unacceptable. But now, the future is here with Invisible/Clear Aligner. Cases Most Suitable For Clear Aligners Treatment. Unlike traditional braces, they are removable too. It’s getting more popular for its predictable results which the patient can see before the beginning of the treatment. This trendy appliance is booming in India and covering all kinds of cases such as spacing, crowding, crossbite, overbite, deep bite, etc. except skeletal issues (aligners can help camouflage). However, numerous factors like anatomy and complexity of the case may affect the treatment duration. Aligners are a substantial treatment which is first predicted and then planned accordingly.

Teeth conditions that can be treated with Cleartech Ortho Aligners:

  1. Spacing
  2. Crowding
  3. Overbite/Deep bite
  4. Proclination
  5. Crossbite
  6. Open bite


Most Suitable For Clear Aligners Treatable Cases


Spacing: This is one of the most common issues amongst people. Spacing is a gap between teeth. These gaps can occur due to multiple reasons. Most familiar is the gap between the upper front two teeth which is diastema. It may be present in lower as well, in certain cases the spaces may be present between multiple teeth, this is known as generalized spacing. Any such spacing can be treated with ClearTech Ortho Aligners. Moreover,  Aligner not only helps treat the spacing but also, helps eliminate the underlying cause of the condition.

Crowding: This is also one of the usual occurrences, some have very mild whereas some have a severe form of it. Crowding is nothing but a condition where your teeth cannot be in one row due to lack of space in your jaws, thus they appear in a zig-zag fashion. In crowding due to lack of space they erupt in different positions. In this kind of condition an individual bear’s lots of problems. For example, difficult to oral hygiene clean through regular brushing leading to bleeding gums or bad breath. Then sometimes, there is discomfort in chewing food due to distorted angles and alignment. Moreover, an appearance which is the major concern in today­’s life, crooked teeth spoils that Insta-proof smile.


Overbite/Deepbite: It is normal when the upper teeth overlap the lower, the situation becomes a matter of attention when the upper teeth completely cover the lowers leading to negligible visibility of the lower teeth. This condition is not normal and should be addressed as soon as possible. Due to some etiological factors our overall facial appearance changes. This type of bite, in the long run, may lead to attrition (chipping of teeth) or other gum related problems. It may be surprising, but this can also be altered by aligners. Now, people don’t have to worry about smiles or hide their mouths to laugh. 

Proclination: Forwardly placed teeth, ever landed in a situation where people pointed out that you have a weird smile or mentioned your teeth are too prominent/forward or maybe pointing outward. This condition is called proclination where the teeth appear forward which could be due to your childhood thumb sucking habit or any other underlying cause. Worry not the solution is here which will last forever and give you the smile you want to show-off. Aligners help push the teeth slightly backward.

Crossbite: Not a very common state of teeth. But if there is then it’s a matter to discuss with your dentist. In this particular condition teeth (or tooth) are either erupted too much towards the cheek or towards the tongue. In this case, sometimes the patient is unable to close his mouth in proper occlusion which again gives them disheveled appearance. Not to worry, even this can be corrected by aligners as it’s a customized procedure. Since it’s an invisible wireless brace so one can carry these appliances easily and nobody has to know. Wink wink…

Open bite: There can be a lot of anatomical and habitual factors due to which one can face this problem. Mostly, it begins in early childhood as they have a habit of thumb sucking or they strain the alignment of teeth by their tongue due to improper tongue position. As they grow with this condition, eventually it becomes more severe and the child acknowledges the inferiority complex. Now as we are aware that it can be improvised. Hence we can prefer wireless braces that can change one’s look and enhance their beauty. A condition like Open bite can be treated with ODS Aligners and also, we can help eliminate the underlying cause of the condition (tongue position) by improving the tongue position and train the muscle alongside the bite correction.

Like in any case that requires treatment regarding the human body it is of the utmost importance that the patient fully understands the treatment and cooperates through the course of the treatment. Where it is important to know about the various benefits of a pleasing beautiful smile and healthy functional teeth it is just as important to acknowledge that there are certain limitations, inconveniences and potential hazards regarding orthodontic treatment. But the limitations are almost always outweighed by the benefits of using Aligners so there is no reason to avoid the treatment but in any case it is still better to consider all the risks involved before making the decision to wear Aligners.

The information that follows is provided to all the patients of Cleartech Ortho to help them with any worries they may have. Take some time to carefully go through all the information and if there is anything that you cannot understand ask the orthodontic staff to help you with it. Make sure that you as a patient or the parent of a younger patient understand what is required of you to help make the treatment successful and achieve the best possible results with Aligners.

The basic purpose of using Aligners is to help with bite problems and improve the aesthetics of your smile. Your dentist/orthodontist will use his skills, training and his knowledge to help you achieve the desired results that are discussed with you at the time of the examination. No guarantee has been given or will be given to the success of the treatment as the results can vary depending on the proper usage of the retainer after the Aligners are taken off. The results can be affected by the patient’s genetics, their growth patterns, oral health, and the patient’s cooperation with the orthodontist. Orthodontics itself is not an exact science; therefore neither the orthodontist nor Cleartech Ortho can guarantee any specific results.

It is of vital importance that that the patient or the parent/guardian of a young patient understands the following potential risks of the treatment:

·         Decalcification, Gum Disease or Dental Decay does not occur due to the orthodontic treatment: Aligners do not cause these problems but the patients that fail to maintain good oral hygiene and patients that do not visit their dentists for regular checkups and cleaning may be prone to experiencing these dental problems during the treatment or otherwise. None of these problems are in any way linked to the use of Aligners and if anything the Aligners are designed to be removable so the patient can brush their teeth and floss as they normally do before the treatment thus ensuring that he patient can maintain their oral hygiene.

·         Canker sores, Cold sores, Oral irritation and similar problems are possible during the course of the treatment but are almost never caused by use of the Aligners however if the Aligners cause oral irritation your orthodontist will prescribe you the proper medication to help resolve any minor issues.

·         Root resorption (shortening) is always a possibility in any sort of orthodontic treatment which includes the use of Aligners. Under healthy conditions the shortening of the roots cause no problems whatsoever. In rare cases however the shortening of the roots can lead to loss of teeth but there is no way of foreseeing whether or not this will happen and in any case there is nothing that can be don’t to prevent it.

·         Minor mobility and tooth sensitivity are possible during the treatment and in some cases could result in tooth loss.

·         Occasionally problems can occur in the jaw joints which can lead to joint pain, ear problems, headaches and discomfort. All of the mentioned problems can occur even without orthodontic treatment and if you experience any of them you should report it to your dentist immediately.

·         Sometimes tooth extraction may be necessary for achieving the best results in orthodontic treatment.

·         Root canals, fillings, crowns, bridges etc can all be completed during the treatment, but please make sure that you consult with your dentist before completing any of the treatments to make sure that the Aligners will fit properly after the treatment is completed.

·         It is very rare that a patient is allergic to the materials used in the Aligners however if the patient suspects that they might be having an allergic reaction they are advised to immediately report it to their orthodontist for advice.

·         Sometimes it may be necessary to make use of specially fabricated attachments or auxiliaries during the course of the treatment. The attachments/auxiliaries may feel awkward in the mouth when the Aligners are not being worn however patients have reported that they quickly adapt to the feeling of having them in the mouth and find that they have no consequences.

·         The Aligners will fit snugly in the mouth, this is essential for ensuring proper movement of the teeth. The patients will require some time to adapt to the new appliance in their mouth however the patients generally adapt quickly and it is very rare that speech or normal function is impaired for an extended period of time.

·         The patient may face some difficulty in removing the Aligners if the patient has multiple attachments in place through the treatment or if there is excessive crowding or some particular bite pattern in this case there will be special instructions given to the patient to assist with the removal if in any case the patient experienced difficulty removing the Aligners for an extended amount of time they should immediately contact a Cleartech Ortho specialist.

Braces Vs Aligners  

The Braces VS Aligners discussion is one that should be had by anyone considering options for straightening their teeth.  Because while they both work to achieve the same ultimate goal, there are many differences when it comes to metal braces and invisible aligners.  These can include everything from cost, treatment times and cleaning options, to comfort levels, removability and the types of materials used.  At Get It Straight Orthodontics in ClearTech Ortho Pak, one of our foremost goals is to ensure that patients choose the option that best suits their unique needs and preferences.  


Clear aligners and metal braces both have their own unique benefits, and are highly effective when it comes to teeth straightening, correcting gaps and other common dental issues.  Here’s a rundown on some of the main differences between traditional metal braces and ClearTech Ortho™ Aligners.

Treatment Duration:  Being non-removable, metal braces are commonly worn for about 15-18 months, while removable aligner treatments range anywhere from 9-12 months.

Recovery process:  Braces can take some getting used to but the recovery time after application is quite fast. ClearTech Ortho™ are custom-fit, painless and require no downtime.

Pain and Discomfort:  Certain foods can be a challenge at first with braces, through they’re generally not painful.  Aligners are known to be comfortable and more natural feeling.

Care and Convenience:  Braces are non-removable and require only brushing, flossing and follow-ups, while aligners are removable and utilize innovative cleaning tray systems. 


Advantage Vs Dis Advantage



Advantages Of Aligners

A.    Patient’s Benefits

1- Barely visible while working in the mouth.
2- Easily removable on certain occasion and everyday life.

3- Friendly in and comfortably out.
4- No gums disease even better oral hygiene.

5- Almost no chance for development caries.

6- No laceration/ ulceration on cheek, gums and tongue.

7- No chance of enamel discoloration around brackets.

8- Minimum visits to the doctor office.

9- Customize for every patient
10- Design your smile by your own
11- Celebrity smile design

12- Cheaper than traditional metal braces.
13- No age limit.

14- No chance of food packing and plaque accumulation.
15- Less chance of gums irritation.
16- No metal like pins, spring, screws and wire in mouth.
17- Minimum bone resorption.
18- No chance of cross infection.

19- No need of special brushes for cleaning and hygiene.
20- No halitosis.

21- No need to put cement or resin on any tooth surface
22- digital data saving for unlimited time.
23- Precise calculation of treatment timings.
24- Graphical and clinical monitoring at every stage.
25- Unique identification code generation for every patient.


B. Doctor’s Benefits

1- Faster and less time consuming

2- No need to put separator around molars in order to create spaces.

3- No need for etching/ conditioning  of enamel.

4- Better control on treatment and good results.

5- Easy to start for dentist.

6- No need for specialization in orthodontics.

7- Reduce chair side time so dentist can manage more patients

8- Make up for flourosis during treatment.

9- Camouflage for missing anterior teeth

10- Every kind of dental  conditions are treatable

11- Provision to modify treatment at any stage.                                         

12- No need for intra or extra oral anchorage.

13- Movements in 5 planes are achieved.

14- Digital treatment planing.

15- Template for walking whitening.


C. General benefits


 1.    No chance of anchorage loss. 

 2.   Provision of proposed profile before starting treatment.                                                                                                 

 3-   So clear that does not compromise your natural shining.

 4-   Complete three surfaces force that make treatment rapid.

 5.   Cover all five planes of teeth.

 6-   New and advanced technology.

 7-   Minimum exposure of X- rays.

 8-   Distance treatment is possible for certain cases.

 9-   Form with bio gradable PC sheet.

 10- Effective for periodontally compromise and mobile teeth.

 11- No alteration in structure of tooth

1- Uncooperative patient

2- Misplacement.

3-non motivate patient.


Advantage of metal braces

1- Permanently fixed.

2- Good for adolescent and kids.

3- Good for surgical and Orthognathic cases.


1- Permanently fixed cannot be removed.

2- Ugly looking.

3- Mouth full with metal.

4- Cause discoloration.

5- Plaque and calculus retaining.

6- Cause bad smell and halitosis.

7- Cause bleeding, gingivitis and gums diseases.

8- Cause dental caries.

9- Cause demineralization.

10- Aggravate root resorption.

11- Require several visits.

12- Irritating gums, cheeks and tongue.

13- Always treated by orthodontic.

14- Costly.

15- Very difficult to manage oral hygiene.

16- Multiple scaling and root planning required.

17- Always fix with resin and other cement.

18- Slow and time consuming.

19- Whatever result you have to accept.

20- Always chances of anchorage loss.

21- No provision for propose profile.

22- Manual treatment planning.

23- There is no supporting digital data.

24- Usually endorsed in teen ages.

25- Not suitable for professionals.

26- More chances of cross infection.

27-Require very close clinical monitoring.

28- Very less information to patient.

29- No precise calculation of treatment timing.

30- Create space for molar band placement.

31- Always require etching/ conditioning for placement.

32- Only one point contact over teeth that prolonged treatment.

33- Increase chair side time.

34- Usually brackets fall at every visit that need to re fixed.

35- Wire defines arch form either "U"or "V" form only.

36- Mostly intra oral or extra oral anchorage required.

37- Require extra tools for cleaning and maintenance.

38- Not suitable for mobile teeth.

39- Could not place over crown or bridge for anchorage.

40- Some movements require spring, elastic, coil and implants.

By keeping in view above differences, it is true to say that invisible braces are a product of next generation that have so many unique features, were not present in old traditional metal braces. So in my opinion ClearTech Ortho Is  a modern age invention that can help lot of patient to correct crocked teeth without compromising oral health.