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Treated Cases

Every case includes a treatment setup, a 3D representation of the patient’s teeth before and after treatment. It includes every step, movement and recommended procedure over the course of the case. The approved setup will be used to print and manufacture the aligners.

Reviewing and approving the treatment setup for your patient is one of the key aspects of planning treatment. This is where you get to map out the treatment outcomes desired by you and your patient.

ClaerTech Ortho role is to help you create the treatment setup you want for your patient. We can offer recommendations for the course of treatment, but those recommendations are not absolute. It's up to you to make any necessary changes to customize an ideal treatment plan for each individual patient.

A treatment setup is sent to you after you add an order(Submit Case) in the Doctor Portal and submit the required patientrecord to ClearTech Ortho. There's no cost associated with submitting your order and records. 

Once we receive your records, it usually takes a few days to create the setup. When it's ready, you'll be sent an email to let you know, and you'll be able to view it and approve it in the Doctor's Portal.  There’s no cancellation fee, and you don’t pay for anything unless and until you approve the setup.

After treatment is completed and the case is closed, we will archive the treatment setup and keep it for a period of up to two years.

Using the treatment setup

Some of the most common uses for the treatment setup are: 

  • To show the patient the treatment goals and what treatment outcomes are possible (at the beginning or during treatment, when  non-compliance is suspected)
  • To monitor treatment progress
  • To verify locations for:
  • Placing engagers
  • Performing IPR
  • Compliance checkpoints
  • At the end of treatment, compared with clinical photos, to determine if treatment is finished to your's and the patient's satisfaction

Located on the right hand side of the setup you’ll find basic information about the case:

  • The patients name
  • The treating physician
  • The case number
  • The date the setup was created
  • The version number of the setup

When in the "Start" position, you'll see a summary of information for the case, including:

  • The number of engagers for the entire case
  • The wear schedule
  • The total number of steps
  • The estimated duration of the case
  • Simple instructions for navigating the treatment setup

As you progress through the steps of the setup, the information located on the right will change to include any actions that need to be taken on that particular step. If no action is necessary, it will provide wear time instruction.

ClearTech Ortho Treated Case